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What happens if Citation Builder can't submit to one of the sites I order?

Helen Barnes -


We will always try to submit to the specific sites that you select for a campaign. We submit to hundreds of directories for different customers and these third-party directories all have their own publishing policies that we don't control. Because of this we do encounter situations where a directory may not allow us to list a business for a variety of reasons, for example:

1) They don't have the right business category

2) They don't recognize the town/city a business is located in

3) The site has an issue/error at the time we try to submit (e.g. 404 error on submission page)

4) Your existing listing is claimed by you but you haven't provided the login details for us to access it

When a directory won't let us submit data to them, we will always leave detailed feedback on why we were unable to submit; you can read these explanations in the notes section of your campaign report, which are displayed next to the directory that we where unable to submit to.

Submitting to Replacement Sites

When we are unable to submit to a site, we will submit you to an alternative, replacement site with similar Domain Authority to ensure you receive the correct number of submissions you ordered.

If you have any questions or concerns about sites that we were unable to submit to, please send a message to our Customer Success team using the contact form at the bottom of your campaign report.


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