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Citation Builder (Citation Burst) API

Usman Barki -


Take control of your business data on hundreds of directories & data aggregators!

Use our API to create & manage business listings on powerful national, local & industry-specific directories.

Also push business data to hundreds of customer touch points via our network of local data aggregators.


What data format does the Citation Builder API return?

The API is a REST API which returns data in raw JSON format. You will need to store this data on your end and display within your own services and tools.


What does the API cost?

To order citations you have to purchase credits beforehand.

Each credit is equivalent to a citation and each citation costs $2.

Credits are grouped as ‘package’, which means that at any given time only 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, 75 or a 100 citations can be ordered.

For example, if you were ordering 10 citations, it will cost $20 ($2 per citation x 10 citations)

If you are ordering aggregator submissions, then credits vary depending on the aggregators chosen. See How much do Local Data Aggregator submissions cost?

Note – API access is available to customers on our Multi-business, SEO Pro or Citation Builder only plan. On Multi-business and SEO Pro plan, monthly subscription fees are paid in addition to the API fees.


Create Campaign

To order citations, you first need to create a campaign, where you will have to supply business details such as:

  • Business name,
  • Address,
  • Opening hours,
  • Photos of the business,
  • etc

POST https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/api/v2/cb/create
Provide info such as name, address, opening hours, payment methods, short & long description, etc.

In response, you will be returned a campaign ID, which you will then reference when paying for it, getting campaign data back, updating the campaign, etc.

POST https://tools.brightlocal.com/seotools/api/v2/cb/upload/[campaignId]/[imageType]
Use it provide us with the photos of the business (1 primary and 3 additional images at max) for the campaign you have just created.


Confirm and pay for campaign

Once the campaign is created, you can confirm the submissions package you want and pay for it.

POST https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/api/v2/cb/confirm-and-pay
Here you will define the package corresponding to the number of citations you want to order such as cb15 for 15 submissions, cb100 for 100 submissions, etc.

If you were also ordering aggregator submissions, you will define those aggregators here such as 'factual’, 'infogroup’, 'neustar’, 'acxiom’ for USA and ‘factual’ only for all non-USA countries.

If you were ordering aggregator submissions only, then you will use ‘cb0’ as your package and will mention the aggregators you wanted to submit to.

You will also be able to decide whether you prefer to order citations of your choice or auto select the ones we recommend (‘autoselect’ => ‘Y’).

If you prefer to submit to sites of your choice, you have to provide them to us as JSON Array.


Get list of citation sites for your campaign

We can only accept sites we support, so to find out what sites we support, you can use the following method:

GET https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/api/v2/cb/citations
Pass the campaign ID in this method and we will return you a list of sites and aggregators your business can be listed on and is already listed on.

For each site, we will also return information such as:

  • Citation Value,
  • Domain Authority,
  • Whether it requires phone verification or not,
  • URL if your business is already listed on it,
  • etc

In the same method, you can pass the ID of a campaign which is already in progress or finished to get the status of each citation you ordered.

For each site, we also return its submission status such as ‘To Do, Submitted, Pending Approval, Live, etc’.


Update campaign details

PUT https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/api/v2/cb/<campaignId>
Use this method to update the business details on any existing campaign before you pay for it.


Get campaign details including submission status of each citations

GET https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/api/v2/cb/get
Pass campaign ID in this method to get complete data on the campaign including its status, any notes left by our submissions team, business details, opening hours, photos, citations and/or aggregator submissions ordered and status of every submission ordered.


Contact us to get your API key and find out more.

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