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Do you guarantee that all Citation Builder submissions will go live?

Helen Barnes -


We guarantee that 70% of submissions/updates will result in live listings within 4 weeks of submission. If we don’t achieve 70% then we will submit to additional sites until we achieve at least 70%.

Why Doesn't BrightLocal Guarantee 100% Live Listings Within 4 Weeks?

We don’t control the editorial policies and timelines of the directories we submit to so we can't guarantee all listings within 4 weeks.

Some sites will put listings live quickly, while some sites are slower to approve listings due to understaffing or backlog of submissions. We prioritize directories which offer instant or fast listings and those which have higher Domain Authority.

On Step 2 of the Citation Builder campaign setup process, when we display the list of available directories for a business, we auto-select sites based on these criteria (speed and value). You're welcome to change the sites we use for a campaign at this point if speed is or isn't a priority.

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