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How does Citation Builder verify new submissions?

Helen Barnes -


We take care of all email verifications for sites that we submit to.

We create an unique email account for each citation campaign we work on. We use our own email solution/servers (brite-mail.com or mail-burst.com) rather than public email systems (Gmail, live-mail) because we have full control of the email accounts and don't get tripped up by the security questions and rules that services like Gmail impose.

Once we have created the email account we then create a user account on each directory we submit to, using the same email and password we created for the email account.

All verification emails are sent to the same email address, and the submissions agent who works on a campaign also handles the email verification steps.

At the end of each campaign, we display the email account access details on the campaign report. Customers can log in to access their email account should they need to.

We never delete or remove access to the email accounts. If a customer orders additional citations for a campaign, we reuse the same email address that was used on the first campaign.

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