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How many citation sites can you submit a business to when using Citation Builder?

Helen Barnes -


We have a database of over 1,400 citation sites, consisting of local directories, general directories, niche directories and events sites.

Not all of these sites are relevant for every business because:

  • They are specific to a country
  • They are specific to a town, city or state
  • They are specific to an industry

The number of relevant sites differs for different businesses and locations.

When you create a Citation Builder campaign, you'll see all the relevant sites for a business on Step 2 of the campaign setup process, and there you can select the sites you want to submit to.

As a rule of thumb, these are the volumes of sites we can submit a typical business to:

  • USA business - 120-150 sites
  • Canada business - 70-80 sites
  • UK business - 80-100 sites
  • Australia business - 50-75 sites
  • Other countries - 20-30 sites

All the sites we submit to offer free submission for listings, which allows us to keep campaign costs low. We gather additional data about these directories/sites such as their Domain Authority and apply our own Citation Value rating based on our research. We've identified sites that are now part of our database through extensive research into which sites appear in Google’s citation index. We now edit and update this list with intelligence gathered from our Citation Tracker tool.

We prioritise directories based on their citation value (high value first) and also if they offer an instant listing or fast listing.

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