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Do you submit to GMB/Google+ Local, Yahoo Local & Bing Local?

Mathew Coghlan -

  • GMB/Google+ Local - Yes we submit to them
  • Bing Local - Yes we submit to Bing Local
  • Yahoo Local - No we no longer submit to Yahoo Local*

*Yahoo Local only accepts paid-for submissions now. In the US you can only submit to Yahoo via Yext.com; in the UK you need to submit your data to Infogroup to get added/updated in Yahoo Local.

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    Thomas Olesen

    Why is Bing Local (and Apple Maps) not in your top 10 Citations to check?

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    Dan DeMura

    I will second that Question... I've even put a ticket request (question) in on this and haven't received a response.

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    Thomas Olesen

    Just for clarification, I have submitted many UK businesses to Infoserve who have told me that they have asked for them to placed on Yahoo Local but none of them ever have been. I wouldn't waste your energy trying to do any submissions via Infoserve in the UK. It remains a mystery as to why Bing Local and Apple Maps is not included in the list of top BL directories but it doesn't matter as they are easy enough to add anyway.

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    Mathew Coghlan

    Hi Dan and Thomas, really sorry about the slow reply here, we missed the comments on this thread.

    Answers for you below

    - Apple Maps

    This isn't in our top 10 citation sources to track because there's not a public website we can grab data from to check.

    All of Apple Maps listings are stored within their App rather than having a public facing online directory accessible through a web browser.

    Apple Maps grabs a lot of it's business data through Yelp, it's worth noting that if you have a Yelp listing it's probably in Apple Maps' directory with the same details.

    We do submit businesses to Apple Maps, we just can't track existing listings with our software.

    - Bing Local

    We have a technical issue grabbing data from Bing Local which is why we don't report on NAP consistency.

    Again, this is purely an issue with grabbing data. We can still submit to Bing.