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How can I see all my online reviews?

Myles Anderson -


When you set up your report you choose which review sites you want to monitor (you can also edit this selection at any time).

We check each review site every day/week/month* for new reviews and display these in your Monitor Reviews report.

The first time you set up a Reputation Monitoring report we get data for your most recent 500 reviews on each site. This means that if you have more than 500 reviews on a site we don't grab the older ones - just the most recent 500. We do display the total count of all your reviews and the average star rating, but we don't display the review content.


We do this for 2 reasons:

  1. Older reviews have less value. New customers don't look back that far and businesses don't want to respond to old reviews. So we don't pull those into your report
  2. Some businesses have 5,000+ reviews (e.g. restaurants. hotels) and getting all those thousands of reviews put our system under intense load. This has a knock-on effect to other customers and we would have to raise prices or gather reviews more slowly- and we don't want to do either!

But you can see ALL Google & Facebook Reviews

If you connect your GMB & Facebook accounts to Reputation Manager then we are able to get all your reviews via APIs to GMB & Facebook.

This means you can see all your reviews from these 2 sites, and you can respond to them from within Reputation Manager.

Understanding your Monitor Reviews Report

There are 3 tabs that show your review data and let you understand more about where you're getting reviews and what customers are saying about you.


Overview tab

On this tab you get a detailed overview of your online reputation. You can see:

  • Growth in reviews over time
  • Average star rating
  • Reviews by Star Rating
  • Review sites that have the most reviews


Reviews tab

This tab displays all the reviews that we grabbed from the review sites. These are displayed from newest to oldest and displays all relevant information about the review as well as the review itself.


You can filter the reviews displayed by date period, star rating and review site enabling you to drill down into your reviews to really understand them.


You can also click out to view the reviews on the actual review site.

And you can respond directly to your Google and Facebook reviews from within your Reputation Manager report.



Sources tab

On the Sources tab you can see a side-by-side comparison of each review site and how many reviews you have on each site based on star rating.


*If you want daily review monitoring on for ALL sites you need to purchase an addon plan. This costs $99/month and gives you daily review monitoring on all your locations.


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