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How much does Reputation Manager cost?

Helen Barnes -


All our standard plans include credits for Reputation Manager. There are 2 parts to Reputation Manager and each plan has a different amount of credits.

1. Review Monitoring 

These credits allow you to monitor reviews across the biggest review sites and respond directly to reviews on both Google & Facebook.

2. Get Reviews

These credits allow you to set up Get Reviews campaigns which streamline and automate the process for getting more customers to review your business.

Plans & Credits

  Single Business Plan     Multi-Business Plan    SEO Pro Plan  
Monitor Reviews  3 6 50
Get Reviews 1 3 5

How Credits Work

1 credit = 1 location.

So if you want to set up review monitoring for 5 locations = 5 Monitor Reviews credits

And if you want to set up Get Reviews campaigns for those 5 locations = 5 Get Reviews credits

If you want to stop monitoring or 'getting' reviews for location you can delete their Reputation Manager report and free up the credits assigned to that location. These credits can then be used for an alternative location.

Addon Credits

If you use up all your credits you can get more by purchasing an Addon plan.

 Addon credits include both Review Monitoring & Get Reviews in one (you can't buy separate Addon credits for these parts of the tool)

Addon credits cost $8 per month per location.

There are 3 Addon plans available for Reputation Manager credits -

    1. 5 Credits = $40/month
    2. 10 Credits = $80/month
    3. 25 Credits = $200/month

Price Comparison

We know you’ll compare BrightLocal to other Reputation Management services. To save you time we’ve done the research for you. Check out our price and feature comparison below.

Reputation Management Service       Cost per Location  
Brightlocal $8 /month
Grade.us $15 - 30 /month
Whitespark $35 - $215 /month
Gatherup $39.95 - $199 /month
Review Trackers $49+ /month
Podium $200+ /month
Birdeye $250+ /month
Reputation.com Not public (on request)
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