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Why does it take so long for backlink data & domain authority data to show on the report?

Mathew Coghlan -


We recieve this information from SEOmoz who are a 3rd party service. This means that it takes a little longer to get this data through. Rather than hold up your whole report we display the pieces we have and will backfill the Backlink & Domain Authority data when we recieve it.

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    Josh Costa

    Hi Matt,
    Why does it take so long to see that the submissions have been made?
    I thought I'd see some movement by now...

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    Mathew Coghlan

    Hi Josh,

    Here's an overview of the 4 steps we take for each campaign.

    1. Pre-submission checks

    Check that data aligns with Google & client website
    If we suspect errors we’ll contact you to confirm

    2. Submission

    Update & submit to selected sites
    1 agent will handle all submissions for a campaign

    3. Quality Assurance

    Submission manager checks all submissions, listings & verification emails
    Any issues found are quickly corrected

    4. Live Listing Review
    Live listing checkers scan citation sites for new/updated listings
    This happens twice – at 2 weeks + 4 weeks post-submission
    Phases 1-3 are completed within 14 days after you pay for your campaign.

    Phase 4 is completed 4 weeks after submissions are made.

    Using this specialised, stepped approach we ensure the highest level of accuracy & completeness for your campaigns.

    Please let me know if you'd clarification on any of the above.