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How does BrightLocal localize ranking results in Local Search Rank Checker?

Helen Barnes -


We localize ranking results differently depending on the search engine.

Google and Bing

For Google and Bing, we are able to report rankings based on a specific geographic area: town, city, or zip code. 

You can set a search location when setting up a Rank Checker report. Find out more here.

We use this search location to report results as if we were a person searching in that specific geographic area.


This method does not work for Yahoo ranking results.

Google and Bing provide a mechanism to set a location, but Yahoo does not.

To get localized ranking results in Yahoo, you need to include location modifier within the keyword — E.G. Plumber in Chicago.

We have put in a place an additional workaround for Yahoo.

In your ‘Global Rank Checker Settings’ you can select to append the search location we use in Google and Bing to the end of keywords used in Yahoo.

It works in the following way:

Set Chicago as your search location

Track keywords without the location modifier like this:

  • Plumber
  • Emergency Plumber

We’ll then be able to search for these in Yahoo as follows;

  • Plumber Chicago
  • Emergency Plumber Chicago


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