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What is a third-party result in Local Search Rank Checker?

Helen Barnes -


Third-party results are results which appear in search engines that contain your/your client’s business name but aren’t on pages on your/client's website.

Typically, these are directories such as Yelp, Facebook, and yellowpages.com, that have a listing for a business. Search engines index these sites and they appear in search results for relevant keywords, usually brand (‘business name’) keywords.

How does BrightLocal identify third-party results?

When you set up a Local Search Rank Checker report, you can provide a business name in the ‘Advanced Settings’ section.


The Local Search Rank Checker tool looks for mentions of the business name in the search results. If it finds an exact match it will display it as a third-party result in the report.

Can I stop third-party results from displaying in the Local Search Rank Checker report?

Yes, you can. Just make the following edit to your report:

1) Click the 'Actions' dropdown, then 'Edit Report'
2) Scroll down to the 'Advanced Settings' section
3) Tick 'Show Advanced Settings' to display the advanced settings
4) Uncheck the 'Track mentions of your business on 3rd party sites' checkbox
5) Click 'Update Report' at the bottom of the screen to save your settings.


The next time your report runs, these third-party results will be removed.

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