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How much does BrightLocal cost?

Mathew Coghlan -


There are 2 parts to BrightLocal that incur different costs:

  1. Reporting & Reputation Management Software
  2. Citation Submissions (inc. Aggregator Submissions)

1. Reporting & Reputation Management Software

If you want to use BrightLocal to report on your local marketing performance, track reviews and get more reviews then you need to sign-up for a subscription plan for our software product.

You get a 14 day free trial to test out all parts of the software. We don't restrict your access or hold some features back - you can test it all and see exactly how it works.

After your trial you will need to select a subscription plan and pay to continue accessing your reports and manage your reputation.

Standard Plans

We offer 3 standard plan levels with different report quantities & prices which give you access to all of our unique local digital marketing tools –

Plan Locations Cost/Month
Single Business  3 $29
Multi Business  6 $49
SEO Pro  100 $79


Click here to see what is included in each plan.

Enterprise Plans

If you are an agency with more than 50 clients or a brand with more than 50 locations you should consider an Enterprise plan. We can tailor a package that suits your needs and help you get set-up saving you time & effort and ensuring the set-up goes smoothly.

Pricing is calculated based on your needs and differs for every customer. All you need to do is contact our Enterprise Team and they explain the options and ensure everything is clear and straightforward for you.

2. Citation Submissions (inc Aggregator submissions)

If you want to use BrightLocal to take care of your citation submissions (clean-up and build new) then you have two options.

1. Just do Citation Building - you can sign-up for a citation building only plan which doesn't incur a monthly subscription cost.

2. Do Reporting, Reputation Management and Citation Building - when you sign-up for your reporting subscription you also get access to Citation Building as part of your account. But Citation Building costs extra.

Cost of Citation Building 

- We charge US$3 for every citation site that we update or create a listing on. This charge is a 1-time cost and not recurring.

  • If you have 1 location and want 25 citations updated/created = 1 x 25 x $3 = $75
  • If you're an agency and have 10 clients and want 15 citations per client = 10 x 15 x $3 = $450

You can buy more citations whenever you want them and just pay for what you use.

Bulk Discount

If you know that you want to build lots of citations for a few locations you can bulk buy credits in blocks of 500, 1000 or 2000. These can be used across many locations/clients.

The bulk price is US$2 for every citation site that we update or create a listing on = 33% discount

Aggregator Submissions

Aggregator pricing can be found here.

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