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How do I re-run an old/existing report?

Susan Guinto -


You can re-run an old/existing report from the Local Search Audit page within your Admin Console.

To do this you simply click on the Re-Run report button next to the report you want and then confirm that you definitely want to re-run that report. Re-running a report will use up 1 report credit. You can’t re-run a report if you don’t have any report credits available.

Re-running Older Style SEO Check Up Reports

In October 2017 we released a major update to this report. We updated the report designs and the underlying architecture of how we gather the data in the reports.

Because this change was so significant we weren't able to automatically switch old reports (created pre-18th October 2017) to the new & improved reports. But we have made it possible for users to re-run their old reports which automatically upgrades them to the new reports. Doing this does NOT use up a credit and so this 1-time upgrade is free. 

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