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What is search 'personalization' and does it affect ranking results in Local Search Rank Checker?

Helen Barnes -


Modern search engines and browsers track and monitor what sites a person visits and what they search for. In most cases, they also know where a person is located.

Search engines use these factors to influence the order of search results they display to a person.

This means that the order of results can change from person to person. In modern search engines there is no ‘true’ set of search rankings because they differ for every person.

Does personalization affect Local Search Rank Checker results?

The Local Search Rank Checker tool doesn’t run through your own browser, so it doesn’t inherit your personalization factors. This means that the results the report shows will differ slightly from what you see in your own browser.

We run all search queries through a large network of IPs to avoid detection by search engines. (They don’t like automated services such as rank checker tools, because we don’t click on PPC ads!)

Secondly, we reduce the impact of personalization by cleaning browser settings and passing parameters which tell the search engines to ignore personalized factors.


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