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Is there an API for the Local Search Rank Checker?

Helen Barnes -


Yes, we do have a Search Ranking API, which is related to our Local Search Rank Checker tool.

Through this Search Ranking API you are able to get back search ranking results on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

The API can be used to get organic and local/maps rankings, as well as rankings for Google Mobile Search.

We have two types of API request:

1. Live Data API

Using the Live Data API enables you to get fresh ranking data, in real-time, for any keywords you want to monitor.

You'll need to store this in your database and then you can present it how you want.

You pay just $0.005 per request (1 request = 1 keyword on 1 search engine)

See our API documentation for Search Ranking API for more information.

2. Manage Account API

The Manage Account API allows you to add/edit/run Local Search Rank Checker reports in your BrightLocal account.

Once a Local Search Rank Checker report has run in your account, you can pull down the ranking data for use in your application.

Because the ranking data is already gathered in your reports, we store this data in our database.

There is also no additional cost for using this API; you pay for the reports via your monthly reporting plan so the data has already been paid for.

Getting Started and Testing Local Search Rank Checker APIs

You can find your API key on this page in your account: https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/admin/api

At first, your key is set to 'Trial' status and you have 1,000 free credits to enable you to test the API without incurring a charge.

Once you have completed testing, your API key will be switched to 'Production' status and you will start to incur costs.

Please contact our
Enterprise Sales Team to discuss pricing and usage of the API.


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