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Search Rank Checker API

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Get organic and local (Google My Business) ranking results for Google, Yahoo & Bing

Add ranking data to your own SEO tools and reporting dashboard

Our unique rank checker service provides both organic & local search rankings for all major search engines. Now you can access this service remotely using our REST API. You can make ranking queries and retrieve real time ranking results to use in your own SEO tool, CRM system and reporting dashboard.

What data format & rankings does the Search Rank Checker API return?

The API can return data in 2 formats -

  1. Raw data – raw data (JSON) which you can store locally in your own database
  2. Complete reports – set-up reports in your BrightLocal account and pull back URLs for PDF reports & ‘external URL reports’

API can be used to get ranking data for the following -

  • Organic search rankings in Google, Yahoo, bing (searches top 50 results)
  • Local ranking results within main search search (e.g. Google My Business results in Google’s ‘everything’ search results)
  • Local ranking results within local search engines – Google My Business, Yahoo local & Bing local
  • 3rd party results with main search (e.g. Yelp results, facebook results which appear in Google’s SERPs)

The API is a REST API which returns data in raw JSON format. You will need to store this data on your end and display within your own services and tools.

What does the API cost?

API pricing is on a ‘per request’ basis.

  • Request = 1 search term on 1 search engine
  • Price = US$0.01 per request

Example price:

  • 50 search terms
  • Google, Google My Business, Bing, Bing local (4 search engines)
  • 50 x 4 = 200 requests x US$0.01 = $2

API access is available to customers on our Multi-business & SEO Pro accounts (having a subscription package is a requirement to use the API). API fees are paid in addition to monthly subscription fees.

API keys, credits & technical support

We issue you with a development API key which gives you access to our Rank Checker API plus all other BrightLocal APIs (1 key for all APIs). We will give you a set number of development credits which will allow you to test the APIs for free prior to launching your service.

We can arrange a technical support call (developer-to-developer) so help you get set-up and to answer any questions. We advise that you review the API documentation prior to holding this call so that we can answer some practical questions and help debug any issues you encounter in early phases of development.

Power your BrightLocal account using API

As well as returning raw data back, the APIs can also be used to control your BrightLocal account.

You can add / edit / delete client reports remotely. So you just need to manage the data in one place – e.g. your own CRM system or database.

Contact us to get your API key and find out more.


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