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How Much Does the Local Search Rank Checker Cost?

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Local Search Rank Checker reports are included within our monthly reporting plans. It's not possible to purchase these reports on their own.

We provide a generous quantity of keywords within each reporting plan.

We offer three standard monthly reporting plans (as well as Enterprise Plans for larger brands and agencies)

Single Business Plan 25 keywords per report x 3 reports = 75 keywords
Multi Business Plan 50 keywords per report x 6 reports = 300 keywords
SEO Pro Plan 100 keywords per report x 100 reports = 10,000 keywords

You also have access to our other reporting tools as part of these plans:

Reputation Manager
Citation Tracker
Google My Business Audit
Local Search Audit

Click here to see a full breakdown of our reporting plans 

Cost Per Keyword

The cost per keyword varies depending on which plan you are on, but it averages out to $0.5 across all plans.

This is incredibly competitive considering the other tools that you also have access to.

How BrightLocal stacks up against other providers:

 Service Cost/ Keyword Link
BrightLocal $0.05  
Geo Ranker $0.05  https://www.georanker.com/plans  
SERPs.com $0.08  https://serps.com/pages/pricing
SmartSERPs $0.08 http://smartserp.com/pricing
Rank Ranger $0.10 https://www.rankranger.com/pricing
Authority Labs $0.10 https://authoritylabs.com/pricing/
Whitespark $0.20 https://www.whitespark.ca/local-rank-tracker
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    Leonard Clarke

    Is there a typo in your price range in the first sentence? $0.5. might mean $.50 or do you mean $0.05