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What are Business Category IDs?

Helen Barnes -


When you register a business in Google My Business, you have set a category as part of the setup. Once you have selected your category, it helps your business show up for relevant searches in Google and Google Maps, which can give your business a big boost if you primarily target local customers. You can only select 1 primary category, which is given the most importance in Google’s algorithm. There are over 3000 Google My Business categories as of 2019 (3920 to be exact) and Google allows you to select up to 10 categories for your business

Business Category IDs are unique codes assigned to each category, these are used if you're trying to bulk upload locations in your account. 

Helpful Infomation:

See our list of Category IDs by clicking this link and selecting the tab 'Categories List'

Find out more about what bulk uploads you can do with multi-locations


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    The list stops at "B"