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Can I white label my Location Dashboard?

Mathew Coghlan -


Yes, you can! Here's how you white label your white label dashboard.

The dashboards will also be available on an external URL, so you can share this link with a client and they can view all their data in 1 place.

We're also about to release an option to change the colour scheme to completely match your own branding. 

Can I determine what data they see?

Yes. You're able to determine which data is shown on the external URL & therefore which data your clients can see.

Step 1

Go to the Location Dashboard you want to white label and navigate to the "Settings" tab on the left navigation.

Step 2

A - Make sure you've checked the "Make Location Dashboard available on an external URL?"

B - Choose the White Label that you'd like to apply.

C - Choose which data you'd like to available on the external dashboard. 

D - Click "Update Settings"

Step 3 

Click open URL

Step 4

Enjoy! You can now share your location dashboards with your clients.


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