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How do I add a location?

Mathew Coghlan -


Step 1: Go to the add location page - https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/admin/clients-and-locations.


Step 2: Enter the business name, phone number and zip/postal code or town/city name


Step 3: Click “Fetch location details” and choose the business you’re looking for, we may suggest multiple locations.

Step 4: We will then collect location data from their GoogleMyBusiness (GMB) listing.

We will attempt to collect all available data from GMB. But certain data such as Business Category you need to select manually from the dropdown list of categories.


Step 5: Click add location and you're finished!

Note: If the business doesn’t have a Google My Business listing you’ll need to add their details manually. You can do this by clicking the “Skip & add manually button”

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