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New Feature Requests

Mathew Coghlan -


A forum to suggest new features you'd like to see in BrightLocal, these go straight through to the product team. Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below! 

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    Matt Prados

    Please add the link to author profile images/thumbnails to the data returned by the Fetch Reviews (by profile URL) API. Thanks.

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    James Rich

    Please add the option to export reports to 8.5 by 11?

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    Ross Taylor

    Please consider adding the ability to create/schedule posts in fb and twitter since you've already got oauth connection.

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    Deon Myburgh

    Please could you work on adding South Africa to your list of countries. That would be appreciated.

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    Brian Valentin

    it would be nice to be able to archive old clients/projects so they're not filing up the dashboard — but they're not deleted either (in case you need to go back or reactivate the client).

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    Alex Brown

    Please can you add an option where we can download all of our locations along with all of the data that brightlocal holds for each location. This would need to be put into an excel file. It will help with auditing our citations.

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    R G

    We talked at SMX West about some of these points (thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!) and I have been slow to request a couple of features:
    1) I would love to see an icon for searches that include a spot zero / rich result, much like your icon for searches that feature YouTube and local pack results.
    2) Could you add a unique indicator for cases where a new URL shows up for a term that was already ranking? After restructuring a site, it can be difficult for clients to track URLs (sometimes upward movement is hidden behind a blue plus symbol). Perhaps an orange plus symbol or an orange up/down arrow would be enough to indicate that a previously ranking URL was replaced with a different URL in SERPs? This could also help when tracking multiple sites on the same report.
    3) Finally, it would be great if the URL also included which boxes were checked in the "Rankings by Position" summary. To explain: typically, the ranking summary includes all views for all available search engines (Google desktop/organic/mobile, Yahoo, Bing). In the event that I want to highlight, say, only Google mobile/desktop results or only map results over the course of a specific time period, I have to download a PDF, take a screenshot, or tell the recipient to check only the two boxes I want to be reflected in the summary. It would be nice to have the option to do this via URL as well.

    Thank you!

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    Jarett Wegner

    For CitationBurst, when you purchase a citation it doesn't always go away. I purchased the Neustar aggregator twice without knowing until I looked at a previous campaign. Would be nice to keep those updated so that I wouldn't have to ask for a refund!

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    Ilias Ben Malek

    Please add a more customizable report (widget style). More specifically, allow us to add or remove the "Rankings by Change" section. The red arrows can scare clients even though the move is minimal or due to normal ranking fluctuation.

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    Greg Beddor

    My team at Webfu would love to see a new report feature that pulls in the data from Google Webmaster Tools > Search Queries.

    I know DashThis offers this in their reports using the Google WMT API, but I'd rather not use them as we are happy with BL.

    This new report feature if added, would definitely save us a ton of time and in my opinion complement the current reports already offered by BrightLocal. Right now we have to take screenshots of WMT Search Queries Report every month to document progress. It's a pain in the neck :)

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    Courtney Carlton

    Please improve ranking reports for businesses with multiple locations

    Currently, BL links multiple locations to one client, but the ranking reports are limited to only one location. It would be beneficial to be able to track more than one town/city or zipcode within one single ranking report. Or maybe set a radius around the location you want to target.

    We have clients who would like to track ranking for their location and the surrounding locations. WeI also have clients who have multiple business locations in different cities or states. Perhaps some sort of location tab setup within each client's external link dashboard? Or a radius setting (as mentioned above).

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    Tibor Boda

    Hey there... On your rankings report it would be great when looking at the competitors tab to have an overview of who has the most visibility overall.

    Clients of ours struggle to figure out who is the best performing site overall, especially when there is a reasonable amount of keywords being tracked, and multiple competitors.

    Rank Tracker by Link Assistant offer a overall view score, that shows who has the most visibility.

    Something like this would be great for non industry people to help them evaluate how their sites are performing.



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    Adam Simpson

    One thing that's annoying about the interface when I'm in the rank checker
    area is deleting reports.

    Every time I search for a specific report - I go to delete it - and then
    when it deletes it refreshes the search results and I have to re-search to find
    similar named reports.

    Another issue is that if one of your rank reports is on page 5 - and you
    delete one on page 5 - it refreshes and takes you back to page 1.

    I am suggesting that this refresh keeps you on the same page/screen after
    deleting and I am also suggesting a way to delete multiple reports at once
    without having to delete one by one by one.

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    Travis Hartliep

    We'd love to be able to annotate the individual citations in the completed citation campaign report area with notes... like you can in the citation tracker area. That way we could keep easy track of which citations have been followed up on with the verification steps and what not.

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    Stuart Selip

    Kindly add a "copy location" feature on the clients-and-locations page. It would be a useful speedup for creating and then monitoring related businesses that are co-located but have separate websites, directory entries, and similar.

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    Stuart Selip

    Please add "competitors" to the bulk-load spreadsheet for ranking reports.

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    Stuart Selip

    Kindly make the client dashboard capable of showing all reports linked by the same location code. Right now, it only shows the last ranking report run for the location code.

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    Stuart Selip

    For ranking reports that share sets of keywords and differ in location, allow a set of keyword groups to be shared among reports.

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    Nikki Hernandez

    Is it possible to have a filter on citation offerings in the 'citation campaign' to not include citations that can be submitted without an account? This is because it's a nightmare to go back to these listings to edit information (some don't accept edits!). More often than not, we find ourselves having to update clients' listings. Thank you!

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    Grant O'Neill

    Please add a page which summarises all of the report schedules across all accounts (i.e. clients, frequencies, costs, etc). This would give us a better understanding of our costs associated with each client/location.

    Additionally, being able to pause and resume individual reports from this page would be a huge bonus. We have some SEO clients who pause their service from time to time, and we have to do one of the following:

    (a) keep paying for all of their report regenerations; or
    (b) individually adjust each report's schedule (e.g. to make it ad hoc);
    or (c) delete the entire client and re-add them later if/when they resume their SEO service.

    So having that extra transparency around reports, and being able to manage them all from a single interface, would be a huge benefit to us.

    Alternatively, the option to simply "Pause" a client and location would cover some of the bases.

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    Tyler Suchman

    Biz dev recommendation: create a calculator with x clients, x locations, frequency of reports. So that way I know that 5 clients, 10 locations, weekly = 40 reports. It would be very helpful to know what plan to select, and (more importantly) if i'm likely going to have to purchase Addons even at the SEO Pro level.

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    Please add the ability to put annotations into the charts.

    It would be phenomenal to be able to say "Published blog post on Jan 26" or "Updated main header with new keywords" and be able to directly see the effect over the next months.

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    Tim Colling

    Please consider adding an ability to detect and report in real time on Google My Business pages' "Questions and Answers". That would be extremely valuable!

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    OTSEO Team

    I had a new location set up in JULY and at that time there were only Google and Facebook locations found. I had to delete the REVIEWS report and RESET-UP the report to get your system to RESCAN for new Reviews (potential review sites). Now it is January and the re-setup scan found 9 locations to monitor for reviews. It would be very nice to have that green button remain in the edit admin for the REVIEWS report that will direct your system to rescan.

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    Scott Hendison

    The new lead gen widget is great, but the keywords to check rankings are often irrelevant and silly. Disabling the option is the only way to get around that it seems... Similar tools by others will allow the user to pick up to 5 keywords for which they want rank checking. That would be far better than seemingly random phrases only barely related to the business.

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    Scott Hendison

    We need to know what the public URL is for the lead widget reports. The lead gen widget should CC us so that we not only know that the email went out, but also can follow up when the customers info fails to capture, which has happened twice. In each case, I can't even manually phone the business or send them a link to their report, since our own "view report" is internal.

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    Scott Hendison

    Sorry - I do see now that if I then log in and view the lead, then "publish", I can create a public URL. Well - My suggestions still stands - I still think it would be more efficient if the system could simply cc us on the same email. I know we get notified that a lead was filled out, but those emails have no customer info, and links just lead to the BL login. If we could be cc'd on the customer email, then we could follow up using that initial public link.

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    Michael Dee

    Please add the ability to make the background of the leadgen widget transparent. This would allow it to look great and blend in well with any website. It provides more flexibility instead of having to choose a color in the dashboard.

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    Michael Shaug

    Need the ability to see what the actual broken links are.

    In the LOCAL SEARCH AUDIT report for internal links it says there are x # of broken links, but when you click on the URL for the broken links, it shows a list of pages that contain the broken links with a count for each page, but it doesn't show what the broken links are so that you can fix them.

    What would be nice is to have a page and export that displays the actual broken links along with the page URL, that way you can give the list to a programmer to fix the errors.

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    Michael Shaug

    In the Google Analytics report it would be nice to have a month or year comparison view.

    Currently in Google Analytics you can compare months by specifying a date range.

    Typically clients like to see how the current month compared to the same month the previous year to get a gauge of progress.