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New Feature Requests

Mathew Coghlan -


A forum to suggest new features you'd like to see in BrightLocal, these go straight through to the product team. Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below! 

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    Ralph Di Iorio

    Please add the ability to customize all campaign content for the Reputation Management templates. Including buttons and other labels. My customers are French and if I can't change all the content, I have to use another solution for this part of my service. Thank you.

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    Jaycee Clark

    In the Citation Tracker,

    #1: Can we have notes of more than 1,000 characters? I frequently hit this ceiling, especially with pesky citations that. Just. Won't. Update! Please allow us to add more than 1,000 characters in a citation tracking note!

    #2: Can we add credential information to citations being tracked? It would make citation tracking, correcting, and updating a LOT faster if we had directory login information available in the notes.

    #3: Can we allow notes (and smiley faces, and checkboxes) to be made, even if brightlocal deems the URL valid? Mayhap we have a checkbox of some kind, allowing the invalid URL anyway, with some kind of "red flag" so it is known that it is not a correct listing? I have listings and domains with URLs that brightlocal keeps telling me are "incorrect" or "invalid", which prevent me from adding any notes I need to clarify the listing.

    Thank you for a great SaaS product!