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How do I integrate Facebook to my Location Dashboard?

Mathew Coghlan -


You can easily integrate Facebook with your location dashboard enabling you to view all of your critical social data in your Location Dashboard.

Step 1

Go to the Location Dashboard you want to integrate with Facebook and navigate to the "Social Tab" as shown below.

Step 2

Select the "Facebook" tab, then click connect to Facebook.

Step 3

You'll then be asked to confirm your Facebook account, click continue.

Step 4

You'll then need to confirm permissions for BrightLocal to access your Facebook data. Click "Ok".

Step 5

You'll then just need to select which Facebook page you want to integrate into your Location Dashboard. Select the correct account then click "Select".

Step 6

Horrah! Facebook has now been integrated into your location dashboard. Don't forget to like BrightLocal's Facebook page for all of the latest news in Local SEO!


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