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Why are my external dashboard & reports are using different colours?

Mathew Coghlan -


You can set a white-label for each of the reports individually on the ‘Edit Report’ page. This white-label will be used when viewing individual report external URLs, and when viewing those reports on an external dashboard.

You can also choose a white-label for an external dashboard on the Location Dashboard ‘Settings’ tab. Location Dashboard white-label only affects Location dashboard navigation (on the left hand side) and the ‘Welcome’ page (first time viewers see this when they open an external dashboard link). This means that if reports & the Location Dashboard have different white-labels applied to them there may be some color inconsistencies (if white-labels are using different themes etc.)

However, you can always set a single white-label across all primary reports on the Location Dashboard ‘Settings’ tab by ticking the ‘Use the same white label profile across all current location reports’ check-box. This will ensure consistency between the external dashboard and reports.

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