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Can I set up a 'primary' white-label profile?

Helen Barnes -


If multiple white-label profiles have been set up and one profile in particular is used the majority of the time, it can be set as the 'primary' white-label profile.

The 'primary' white-label profile will always be pre-selected for any new reports that are created but this can be changed within the report settings.

Here is a step by step guide to setting a 'primary' white-label profile:

1) Click the icon at the top right-hand side to open the dropdown menu and select 'White-Label Profiles'.AwesomeScreenshot-Clients-Locations-Admin-BrightLocal-com-2019-07-08-15-07-88.png

2) From the list of white-label profiles identify the one which is to be made primary and click 'Edit Profile'AwesomeScreenshot-White-Label-Profiles-BrightLocal-com-2019-07-08-15-07-78.png

3) Select 'Make this your 'Primary' white-label profile'


4) At the bottom of the page, click the 'Update White-Label Profile' button to save the new settings.



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