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How can I filter the citations on step 2 of Citation Builder?

Mathew Coghlan -


By default we present all citation sites to you.

You have following filter options available to you; all ticked by default.

Citations that:

  • require Phone verification
  • require Business Owner verification
  • offer No or Limited Photos
  • offer Instant/Quick listing
  • are part of Yext Network

Depending on which single or multiple options you uncheck, we hide citation sites that fall under such filter.

Say, you wanted to only see citation sites that offered Instant or Quick listing and were part of Yext network.

You would simply uncheck all other filters but "Instant/Quick Listings" and "Yext Sites".

This will give you a list of citations sites that offer Instant/Quick listing, are part of Yext Network and any other sites that dont fall under any filter.

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    Rob Scutti

    What's the significance of knowing whether a site is part of the Yext Network?