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How long does it take for my listings to be updated through aggregator submissions?

Mathew Coghlan -


BrightLocal pushes your data into the data aggregators within 14 days of you purchasing your campaign.

So, this means you can assume that your data with be live/updated within the aggregators within 14 days - as long as there's no issues with the data.*

Once the data has been pushed to the aggregators they complete a number of internal steps to:

  1. Match your data to any existing listings
  2. Confirm & verify listing details

Each aggregator has their own unique approach for processing new and updated listings on their platform so the steps & timings will vary. It can take anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks for the aggregators to complete this process.

Once they are happy with the data provided to them they update their database and make the new data available to their distribution network which consists of -

  • online directories
  • review sites
  • mobile apps
  • GPS companies
  • Mapping companies

Some of these network partners will take the data by API directly into them, while others will pull it from an FTP site.

Once they have the new data these end-sites will do their own data analysis, comparisons & 'scrubbing' before they put the data into their systems and publish out to their sites, apps & solutions.

Because each partner is different and has a different way or working the timelines for this step also vary greatly from a few days to a few. 

These delays can be frustrating (we all want things to happen 'today' right?!) but they can't be avoided. But your data will make it out to the end sites/apps/GPS services. These end businesses are paying the aggregators for this data and so they're not going to ignore it and not use it. 

Some listings have taken as much as eight weeks to become fully accurate. If you're noticing an unusually long delay in your listings going live, please contact us here contact@brightlocal.com and we'll investigate this for you.

* As part of our service, we verify the accuracy of each location's Name, Address and Phone number by checking the data given to us against both their Google My Business profile and website. By checking the Name, Address, Phone and URL on these 2 sources we ensure that we only publish the most complete and accurate business location data for our customers. If we find the you've provided to us doesn't match across these 2 sources we will contact you to confirm your preference. This can cause a delay to your submission.





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