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How can I customize my Kiosk Campaign Link?

Usman Barki -


To customize your Kiosk Campaign Link so that you can display a memorable link to customers (such as bit.ly/homedepotreviews), follow these steps:

  1. Click 'Get Kiosk URL' when setting up or editing a 'Get Reviews' campaign
  2. Copy the shortened link in the 'Kiosk Campaign Link' popup.
  3. Enter the URL into a browser; you should see a long link starting with customfeedback.com
  4. Copy this long link
  5. Head over to bit.ly and use it to shorten your Kiosk Campaign Link
  6. Within bit.ly, customize your Kiosk Campaign Link to something more memorable that you'd be happy to print or display. (This will not affect Kiosk Mode Reporting within BrightLocal.)
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