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We offer the following support routes -


To get in touch for a one off query please email us contact@brightlocal.com or click here 

Live Chat

If you want to start a chat just click the Support widget on the bottom right of our website, and during our Live Chat hours we can help you in real time.
Our 'Live Chat' Customer Support is available, Mon-Fri 5am-7pm ET

Live Demo and Sales Calls

Anyone looking to learn about BrightLocal can book themselves into 2 different calls.

1. Live Group Demo
In our live group demo we showcase the entire platform to small groups, these sessions lasts for up to 60 minutes and cover everything BrightLocal.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to learn about everything BrightLocal has to offer.

2. Agency 1 on 1 Call
Alternatively if you're an Agency or multi location business you can book in 1 on 1 sales call, these calls lasts for up to 30 minutes and typically cover specific tools and questions.

Ideal for: Agencies and Multi Location business with specific questions about individual tools or plans.


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