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Why didn't Citation Builder find all my citations?

Helen Barnes -


Citation Builder uses the same approach to find citations as our Citation Tracker tool. It runs searches in Google (and other search engines) using combinations of business data to locate citations; it also performs direct lookups on over 100 of the most important citation and review sites.

When we find listings, we filter them to match business data, removing the sites which don't match.

We are constantly striving to improve and optimize this process (we spend roughly 50 development hours per month on this task alone) but it isn't 100% perfect and sometimes we do miss listings or filter listings because the data-match isn't accurate enough.

Manual Checks in Citation Builder

Because we understand that our automated look-ups can miss citations, we always perform a manual check for listings as part of a Citation Builder campaign.

Before we submit to a citation site, our citation experts perform a thorough manual check for listings. If we find an existing listing, we update it rather than create a new listing.

If you pay for us to clean up duplicate listings then we will also look for these on each site and take steps to remove or report these duplicates for removal.


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