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In Citation Builder, can I request updates on existing citations?

Usman Barki -


There are also citations that can be updated, provided you share their login details with us. For such citations, you can securely share your login details with us while you are ordering a campaign.

To do this while building a citation campaign, in Step 2 of Citation Builder click on the “Details” button next to the citation that you would like to provide login details for.


Enter the login details and save the form. 

The citation will automatically be selected for you to purchase. 

Carry on choosing other sites that you would like to get listed on or would like to update. 

Purchase the campaign. 

Once we start working on your campaign, we will use your supplied login details to make updates to your citation on the chosen site.

Allow our team to update your Google My Business listing

If you would like us to update your GMB citation, then you will need to grant us “Manager” access at citations@local-marketing-reports.com. 

 Follow the steps outlined here to grant us access to manage your GMB citation.


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