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Can I bulk upload Citations to the report?

Helen Barnes -


Citations can be bulk-uploaded to the Citation Tracker report via a CSV file. Here's how:

1) Click the 'Active Citations' tab.


2) Click the green ‘Add Citation(s)' dropdown and select 'Upload Multiple Citations'.


3) Under 'Setting up your CSV file' in the 'Upload Multiple Citations' popup, you'll see a text link to download a sample CSV. Click this and open the CSV, which shows the correct format to use.


4) Complete the CSV with the citation data in the format requested. The information can be found at the bottom of the 'Upload Multiple Citations' popup.

5) In the 'Upload Multiple Citations' popup, click 'Choose File' and select the CSV file you'd like to upload.


6) With the file selected, the 'Upload' button will turn green. Click this to upload the citations to Citation Tracker.     

If you have over 100 locations please contact our Enterprise team and we can assist you with setting up your account. 

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