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Can I change (upgrade/downgrade) my plan?

Helen Barnes -


You can change your subscription plan at anytime from the Plans & Addons page within the Billing Details section of your account.

Upgrading Plan

You can upgrade your plan (for example for a larger reporting allowance) at any time. When you do this you will be charged the difference between your current plan amount and the bigger plan.

If you pay using Credit Card, this amount will be pro-rata for the remainder of the subscription period. At the start of the next subscription period you will be charged the full amount for the month ahead.

If you pay using PayPal we create an 'upgrade' subscription for you which runs alongside your existing subscription. This means that you will have 2 subscriptions and payments coming out of Paypal. These recurring payments will go out every month on the day that you set them up - which could be on different days. We have to do it this way due to limitations in PayPal's subscription solution.

Downgrading Plan

You can also downgrade your plan at any time. Your downgrade will have immediate effect but we don't refund you for the downgrade. So if you downgrade during the subscription period you still pay the full amount for that period, but your access level may drop down to the lower plan. So we advise customers to downgrade at the end of their subscription period so not to miss out on any report allowances. 

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