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How do I cancel my account?

Helen Barnes -


You can cancel your subscription plan at anytime from the Plans & Addons page within the Billing Details section of your account.

Canceling your subscription plan means that we won't automatically bill you every month for using our SEO tools, Reputation Manager or Agency Lead Generator tools.

You can however use our Citation Builder service without a paid subscription as you simply pay per campaign launched.

If you cancel during the subscription period (30 days or 365 if you are on an annual plan) then you will still have access to your reports and data for the remainder of that subscription period. At the end of the subscription period you will lose access to your reports and data; however, your data will be archived but not deleted. So if you choose to use BrightLocal again and take out a new subscription, all your existing reports and data will be available to you from where you left off.

Only Admin users can Cancel

Only admin users are able to cancel or modify plans and payments. If you are not able to access the Plans & Addons page please contact your account admin and either:

  1. a) Ask them to cancel the plan for you
  2. b) Ask them to upgrade your access to Admin status so you can cancel

Cancel any Addon subscriptions first

If you have any addon subscriptions, you need to cancel these first before you cancel your main subscription. You can do this from the same page within your account dashboard - please look at the 'MyAddons' table.

Paying by Credit Card

If you pay for your subscription by credit card, once you complete the cancellation steps, your card will no longer be charged. Your card will remain on record with us (to be billed for any Citation Builder campaigns) unless you choose to remove it. You can remove it here.

Paying by PayPal

If you pay through PayPal then you will be able to cancel direct from within your BrightLocal account. However, some older subscription plans may require you to go into your PayPal account directly and cancel the recurring payment there. It is always worth logging in to your PayPal account and double checking the subscription recurring payments have been cancelled.

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