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When will I see results of my citation campaign?

Helen Barnes -


We guarantee to complete all submissions for a campaign within seven days.

Some citation sites will put listings live immediately, while some sites will take longer (a few days up to a few weeks - depending on their processes and workload).

Once listings are live, they need to be indexed by Google for them to have an impact on your Google My Business listing and its ranking.

We accelerate the indexing of citations we create by using a number of techniques.

You should expect to see your listings appear in Google search results within 4-6 weeks from when the directory puts the listing live on their site. You can test to see if Google has indexed a listing using this simple search query:

"your business name" "your zipcode/postal code" site:citationsite.com

e.g. "big bad bakery" "90201" "site:yellowpages.com

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