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How is each submission handled in Citation Builder?

Helen Barnes -


Our citation submissions are all done manually by our dedicated Citations Team who handle all campaigns. We use a very tried and tested approach to submissions, and have excellent knowledge of all the directories and citation sites we use.

Every citation campaign we work on follows the same steps:

1) Campaign set-up

This is handled by you (the user). You select how many sites you want us to create or edit, handpick which you’d like used and confirm the business data you want to appear on the citations.

2) Pre-Submission Checks (by day 3 after payment)

Once you confirm and pay for your campaign, the business data you submit is checked by our team and cross-referenced against the business website and their Google My Business listing (if they have one).

If we suspect that any data is wrong we email you to request confirmation. We email you twice as part of this process; if we don't hear back within 72 hours we start submissions using the data you supplied.

3) Submissions (within 7 days)

Our submissions agents work on campaigns on a first come, first served queue basis.

Typically they will start and finish submissions for a campaign in the same day.

All submissions are completed by hand. We will create an account* on sites we submit to, handle all email verifications and then complete the upload of business data.

We don't handle phone verifications - please read this FAQ to see how phone verification is handled.

*Some sites don't have a function to create an account and in these instances we simply submit/update business data without creating an account.

4) QA & Review (by day 14)

After all submissions have been done the campaign is passed to a Manager to review.

The Manager will check every submission to ensure all the data is complete and accurate.

If they spot any issues they correct them.

They also check to see which listings have gone live and add the live URLs to the campaign report.

5) Live Listing Check

Once the Manager is happy that the campaign is complete it is passed on to our Live Listings Team.

Their job is to check when listings go live and to update the campaign report.

They check each campaign 3 times:

  • Day 14
  • Day 21
  • Day 35

At day 35 we guarantee that at least 70% of your listings will be live/updated. Some sites take longer than others to put listings live.

If we don't achieve 70% live by this point we complete additional submissions to additional sites free of charge until we have achieved 70% live.

If we find that we are not able to complete all the submissions you paid for we will refund you for the incomplete portion of your campaign. This typically happens when a business already has a lot of citations and the data is correct and complete already - we only update listings if they need updating because this adds value to your local optimization.


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