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Can I customize Link Mode?

Usman Barki -


Yes, you can.

Link Mode settings can be changed in the Get Reviews template wizard.

When you create, duplicate or edit a Get Reviews template, you will see a screen titled ‘Kiosk & Link Mode Settings’.

Here, you can edit the text and details of the Rating and Feedback pages that customers see when leaving feedback through both Kiosk and Link Modes.

You can also customize the text that will appear on the final step of Link Mode, and in the review request email sent in Kiosk Mode.

Remember any changes you make here will be reflected in both the Kiosk Mode and Link Mode.

Rating page

This is the first page customers see when they are directed to the Link or Kiosk Mode.


Feedback and contact details pages

These are the second and third pages of Kiosk and Link Mode, where customers provide feedback, leave their contact details, and give permission for their feedback be used on the business’s website as a testimonial.


Positive and Negative feedback pages

If using Kiosk Mode, once customers have left their feedback, they receive an email asking them to share their experience by writing a public review on the 3rd-party review sites that the business has pre-selected.

If using Link Mode, once customers have provided their feedback, they are immediately asked to write a public review.

In the ‘Link & Kiosk Mode Settings’ step, you can also customize the content of both the Positive and Negative feedback steps and emails.

You can also choose to send a reminder email 72 hours later to any customers who left feedback, but did not click through to leave a review.

You can toggle the previews to see how the Positive and Negative feedback steps will appear within Link Mode and Kiosk Mode.



You can also offer a voucher code and display this in the Negative feedback step, and in the email sent to those who did not report a positive experience.


Setting Positive and Negative score threshold

Whether a customer sees a Positive or Negative feedback step in Link Mode or receives a Positive or Negative feedback email in Kiosk Mode, depends on the positive score threshold that has been set in the ‘General Settings’ in the Get Reviews template wizard.


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