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How To Update/Renew a Citation Builder Campaign

Helen Barnes -


In this guide we outline the steps to take to update or renew an existing Citation Builder Campaign.


1) Renewing via Citation Builder Tab

2) Renewing Directly From The Report

The Citation Builder campaign helps to make sure that business data and contact details are all up to date and consistent across all directories.

If the business moves to a different location, changes its phone number or any other important part of their contact information, it is important to make sure that all citations that were previously set up for the business are also updated.

If you have an existing campaign for the business, you will need to renew it to update the citation information.

It is worth to point out that only finished campaigns can be renewed. You will not be able to renew the campaign that has already been started and is in progress.

1) Renewing via Citation Builder Tab

When you are logged in to your BrightLocal account all you need to do is go to the Citation Builder tab on the dashboard and find the location in question.

Within the search results, you will see the location that can be renewed or updated has a purple ‘Buy More/Update’ button next to it.


When you click that button you will be automatically redirected to Step 2 of the Citation Builder campaign setup process.

 At this stage, you will see the usual option to buy the data aggregators and manual submissions.

 In this case, you will need to proceed as normal and select the number of citations that you would like to update:


Once you have decided on the number of citations you need to scroll down to the list of citations.

 You will then see the usual ‘Existing Citations’ and ‘Available New Citations’ section:


You need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will reach the third section that will contain all citations used in previous campaigns:


These are the citations that were set up in the previous campaign and are the ones that you should select if you want them to be updated. You can also select additional new citations and once you’re happy with your selection. To do this you simply need to proceed to the next step by clicking ‘Confirm and Continue’ at the bottom of the page:


This will take you to step 3 of the campaign setup, where you can edit the business details, update the information that has changed, leave any further instructions for our team, and pay for the campaign. You can find more information on this *here* (link to ‘How to set up a Citation Burst Campaign’ guide)

 2) Renewing Directly From The Report

Another way to renew the campaign is directly from the campaign report.

Log in to your BrightLocal account and find the location in question in the ‘Clients & Locations’ tab, then select ‘View Dashboard’:


Next, click on ‘Citation Builder’ on the left-hand side:


You will see the latest Citation Builder report for that specific location. All you need to do is click on the green ‘Buy More Citations’ button at the top right side:


This will also take you to step 2 of the campaign setup, where you have to find the list of previously used citations at the very end of the page, make your selection, and proceed with step 3 as explained above.

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