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How do I apply a white-label profile to a report?

Helen Barnes -


You can apply a white-label profile to any report. 

For New Reports

When setting up a new report, simply click the 'Select white-label profile' dropdown menu and select the previously created white-label profile that you'd like to use for your new report.


For Existing Reports

To edit the white-label profile of an existing report:

  1. Open the report
  2. Click the 'Actions' dropdown menu, then click 'Edit Report'.


  1. Under 'General Settings', click 'Select white-label profile' and choose the profile you'd like to apply to this report.

Applying White-Labeling on a Location Level

If your report is attached to a location you can control your white-label profile and what it shows within the settings. This is great if you want to show some reports but not all to your client.

Once you have opened the Location, click 'Settings' on the left-hand side.

Here you can decide which white-label profile is used across all of this location's reports and which reports the external Location Dashboard URL will show.


Once you are happy click the 'Update Settings' button.

You can then access the external Location Dashboard by clicking the green 'Open URL' button on this page.


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