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How do I add or edit a client within BrightLocal?

Helen Barnes -


To add a Client, select Clients & Locations in the top menu, then click on the 'Clients' tab.AwesomeScreenshot-Clients-Locations-Admin-BrightLocal-com-2019-07-08-17-07-65.png

 Once in the 'Clients' tab select ‘Add Client(s)' 


There are two options for adding Clients:


Add Single Client: Use this option to add a single client.

Add Multiple Clients: Using this option multiple clients can be uploaded via a CSV.

To add a single client select 'Add Single Client', and the client details can be added manually. AwesomeScreenshot-Add-Client-Admin-BrightLocal-com-2019-07-08-17-07-81.png

Company name: Enter the name of the client's company

Company URL: Enter the client's company website address

Unique Client Reference: If you keep a database of your clients and have a local reference number for each client you can enter it into this field to make it easier to cross-reference clients you have stored there with the corresponding entries in BrightLocal.

Status: Using this field it is possible to select the status of the client, whether they are an existing client or a lead.

Once the fields have been populated click on the green ‘Add Client’ button to complete set up.

Edit existing Client

To edit an existing client that has already been set up click on the client's tab to see a list of all clients set up in the account

Then identify the client to be edited and click on the arrow at the side of 'View Locations' and select 'Edit Client'


 Here the details held for the clients can be edited and the client updated or deleted.



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