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What is the citation matrix on the Google My Business Audit report?

Helen Barnes -


The Citation Matrix is under the Keyword Table and this shows details about the citations for the same top ten businesses which are in the Keyword Table. citation_matrix.png

Authority: This shows the domain authority of the website itself. Citations from established websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, etc hold more value. The number associates the numerical value from that site’s domain authority.

Count: This is the number of citations held by your business and your competitors that are found on that site in Google SERPs for the search term used. We are showing different citation count in the ‘Top 10 results’ to what we have in the ‘Citations Matrix’. The count in ‘Top 10 results’ includes duplicate citations or multiple citations on the same domain, while ‘Citations Matrix’ shows your unique count of citations.

Top Directory: Similar to the Authority column, top directories have a trophy symbol to showcase that the website is a high-value website and hence a citation from that website is also valued highly.

You: This column indicates whether you have a citation on each site. The ‘You’ is clickable and can easily be filtered to give you a better view of this.

Numbered Columns: These columns show where you and your competitors rank in Google Maps for the search term used. The top row shows the total number of citations found for each business. A tick or cross to indicates if the business has a citation on that site or not. Hovering over the map pins with numbers will show you the name of the business that relates to each column; your business’s column will be highlighted in green.

 Next, to the Citations Matrix, you’ll see another tab called ‘Top 5 Categories’.


Here you will find the most used categories in the top 10 GMB listings from the Keyword Table.



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