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How to create a Citation Builder Campaign

Helen Barnes -


In this guide, we will explain how to create a Citation Builder campaign.

There are two ways to create a Citation Builder campaign depending on whether the Location has been set up or not. To find out how to set up a Location, click here

1) Initial Setup

a) Create a Citation Builder campaign with no existing Location

To create a Citation Builder campaign without a Location already set up, start by clicking “Citation Builder”‘ in the top menu.

This will show a list of all existing Citation Builder campaigns that have previously been created (if any exist).

Next, click the green ‘Start New Campaign’ button.

 b) Create a Citation Builder campaign with an existing location

If a Location has already been set up, the Citation Builder campaign can be set up through that Location. Follow these steps:

Click ‘Clients & Locations’ in the top menu. This will show a list of all locations that have been set up.

Click the ‘View Location’ button to the right of the Location that the Citation Builder campaign is for.

Click ‘Citation Builder’ in the sidebar menu on the left of the screen and then click the green ‘Clean-up & Build Citations’ button to start setting up the Citation Builder Campaign. 

 2) Campaign Setup: Step 1

There is a 3 step process for creating a Citation Builder campaign. Step 1 of this process requires entering campaign details and business details.

 a) Campaign Details

Which Location is this report for?: Here you can select the Location for this campaign. This will be automatically filled if the Location already exists.

Give your campaign a name: Enter the name of the campaign so that it can be identified within your BrightLocal account.

Select White Label Profile: You can have multiple white label profiles set up at once. Here you can select the white label profile you’d like to use for this campaign, if applicable.  

Learn more about white labeling reports here.

 b) Business Details

Enter Business Name: Enter the business name as it should appear on the listings. We use the ‘Business Name’ to find any active citations that already exist for your business.

Select country this business is based in: Click the dropdown menu and select the country.

Enter business zipcode/postcode: This is required for all countries.

Enter business telephone number: Be sure to use the correct format here (e.g. 888-645-0838 or 01224 872 553 or 02 7010 1123).

State / County / Region: Enter the state, county or region the business is located in using the drop-down menu.

Town/City: Please select the name of the town or city in which this business is located (e.g. Tulsa or Denver or Pasadena). If you cannot find the Town/city you want please let us know using the ‘Request new town or City’ box and we will add it for you.

Select business category: Select a business category from the drop-down menu. We use the business category to find the most relevant citation sources for your type of business.

 c) Alternative Business Details

We use the alternative business details to find any old/incorrect listings for your business so if you have an old business name, address or phone number we can search for any old listings that need to be updated.

Once all data has been entered click ‘Done! Go to Step 2’.

We then filter our citation database to find relevant sites for your business and identify any existing listings on these sites.

3) Campaign Setup: Step 2

Once the filtering process is complete you can then select the type and quantity of submissions you need, and you can handpick the citation sites you’d like us to work on.


a) Submission Options:

Here you can select the type and quantity of submissions needed for your campaign.

Manual Submissions: From the drop-down menu, select the number of submissions you need. You can select 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, 75 or 100. This number varies and depends on the business category and location, therefore if you see 50 as the maximum number of citations available, this means that this is the number of citations that we have in our database that are relevant for this specific business.

Duplicate Removals: You can also request duplicate removal on the citation sites that you will select for the campaign. All you need to do is make sure that ‘Find and Remove Duplicate Listings’ is selected, and our submissions team will know that they should conduct a thorough search, identify, and then remove any possible duplicates. We will take all possible action to remove duplicates, however, we are often reliant on the site editors to complete the removal. Therefore, we can’t provide a 100% guarantee that all duplicates will be removed by the end of the campaign.

Aggregator Submissions: You also have the option to submit the business details to four major data aggregators: Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup and Neustar. Neustar is only available for US countries. Factual and Infogroup cover the USA and Canada, whilst Factual covers the majority of European countries as well.

It is possible to order aggregators only, or a combination of aggregators and manual submissions.

Aggregators are priced separately, however, if all four are purchased together in a bundle, a 25% discount is offered.

b)  Existing Citations

This section will show you the existing citations for the business that our tool has identified automatically.

If some details are incorrect they will be highlighted in red. If you believe that a specific citation has been identified incorrectly or has no connection to the business, you can move it to the ‘New Citations’ section by clicking the ‘Move’ button next to the citation, on the right-hand side.

In some cases, there are citation sites where we are unable to update the existing listing. For example, when the edits/updates are a paid feature. You will not be able to select these for the campaign and instead of a checkbox, they will display the exclamation mark within a triangle. If you hover above this, a message will be displayed that will explain the issue.

c) Available New Citations 

This section offers a selection of citations where the business is not yet listed. The list will show the directory’s URL, its type - whether it is a niche or a general directory, domain authority, citation value, and a notes section.

Within the notes section, you will see a lot of different symbols. They provide more detailed information about the citation - whether it requires phone verification, allows you to add photos, if it is part of the Yext network, etc. Hovering above each symbol will show you a more detailed meaning behind them.

You can also filter the citations list based on the criteria that match your requirements.

If you click on a ‘Filter’ button at the top right you will see the available filter options - you can select the ones you need and then see the list of citations that exclude, for example, sites that are in the Yext network or sites that require phone verification.

Once you have selected the citations you would like us to create and update you can then either proceed to Step 3 or save the campaign at this stage and come back to it later.

The saved campaign will be then stored in the Citation Builder section of your dashboard:

The ‘Status’ column will show the stage that your campaign is at. ‘Saved’ means the campaign is saved at Step 2 and ‘Confirmed’ means it is saved at Step 3. You can learn more about the statuses of Citation Builder campaigns here. 

4) Campaign Setup: Step 3

Step 3 allows you to add any additional content to your Citation Builder campaign.

At the very top, you will see the campaign name and the name of the Location. You will then be given an option to choose whether you would like for this report to be available on an external URL:

You can read more about external reports here.

a) Business Details

The next section contains business information: 

Business Location Info: This will be filled in automatically based on the data that you entered in Step 1, as well as in the ‘Location Details’ section of the dashboard. All that you will need to do here is check the existing information and add any that might be missing.

Business Location Contact Info: Here you will need to add the information that potential customers can use to contact the business directly. This data is optional, but if provided, it will be published on the citations that were selected for the campaign.

b) About The Business

 This section contains additional content that is accepted by various directories, that can make your listings stand out.

Business categories, description and working hours are mandatory fields and are marked with an asterisk. The number of employees, year of formation, opening hours, services and payment methods are all optional fields, but it can be very useful to fill these in.

Some information will be pre-filled, but won’t allow any edits and the field will be dark grey:

If you would like to change or correct this information you will need to go to the ‘Location Details’ section, make edits there and when saving these changes, ensure that you select the option to update all reports as well. Then simply return to your saved Citation Builder report and check it - the data should have been updated.

c) Business Images

 You can add a logo and generic images that will be published on citation sites. This, again, is optional, but will definitely make your listing look more complete.


Images can either be uploaded as files (max size 2MB) or in URL format. If you are attaching the files, please make sure that they are not too small.

To add the image in URL format, first make sure that ‘Fetch images from URLs’ is selected, add the URL of your image, and click ‘Fetch’:

d) Social Media Links

You can also provide the links to your social media pages. We can publish these on the listings for you, so potential customers can see more content about your business.

e) Campaign Notes

 This field allows you to leave a comment or instruction to our submissions team about the campaign. For example, you can use this section to provide login details for your existing listings, or let us know if your business is a service area business and you need to hide the address on your citations. We will make sure that your instructions here are followed.

If you don't have any special instructions for us, simply enter ‘N/A’ as this is a required field.

f) Receive Email Alerts

Within this section, you can add your email address and we will send you an email reminder, notifying you when the campaign has been completed. This is optional and if you don’t want to receive email notifications, simply select ‘No’

g) Campaign Details & Cost

At this stage, you can do two things - you can buy more credits if needed, or you can change your order if you have changed your mind about some selected citations.

Clicking on the ‘Buy More Credits’ button will open up a pop-up window that allows you to purchase one of our credit packages:

Clicking the ‘Change Order’ button will take you back to Step 2, where you can make changes to your order.

Terms & Conditions: The final section of Step 3 contains our T&Cs that you must accept before proceeding further:

You then have several options - you can save the report and come back to it later, you can return to Step 2, or you can pay for the campaign either using credits or your credit card.

Choosing ‘Confirm and Pay (Credits)’ will automatically deduct the required number of credits from your existing credit balance.

‘Confirm and Pay’ will open a pop-up window, where you will be asked to enter your card details or use PayPal:

Once you have paid for the campaign, it will go to our submissions team who will check the data and reach out to you if they have any questions.

You will be able to see your campaign immediately in the ‘Citation Builder’ tab of your account. The campaign will be in ‘Paid’ status, you will see all citations that you selected and their status will be ‘To Do’.

If you have agreed to receive email notifications at Step 3 you will receive an email from us letting you know when the submission stage has been completed and then again, when the whole campaign is finished.

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