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How to create a Local Search Rank Checker Roll-Up report

Helen Barnes -


In this guide, we will be explaining how to create a Local Search Rank Checker Roll-Up report.


1) Initial Setup

2) Report Settings

3) Ranking Reports

4) External URL

5) Running/Saving Report

6) After your report is set up

Roll-Up reports allow you to aggregate data from multiple ranking reports into one overview report. This tool is used by multi-location businesses to assess performance at a location level. This makes it easy to see things like which locations are ranking better than others alongside overall brand performance over time.

1) Initial Setup

To create a Roll-Up report, click ‘SEO Tools’ in the top menu and select ‘Rank Checker’.


You will then see a list of all existing Rank Checker reports.

Next, click the ‘Roll-Up Reports’ tab.


Then select ‘Add New Roll-Up Report’.


2) Report Settings

Next, fill out the report settings. Here is an overview of this section which highlights what is required for each field.

AwesomeScreenshot-tools-brightlocal-seo-tools-admin-lsrc-roll-up-reports-add-2019-08-02_4_16.png   How often do you want this report run?: You have three options here:

  • Ad hoc: the report will only run when manually triggered
  • Weekly schedule: select which day of the week you’d like the report to run
  • Monthly schedule: select which day of the month you’d like the report to run

Select white label profile: You can have multiple white label profiles set up at once. Here you can select the white label profile you’d like to use for this report, if applicable.  

3) Ranking Reports

The next step is to select which Ranking reports you’d like to include in this Roll-Up report.

AwesomeScreenshot-tools-brightlocal-seo-tools-admin-lsrc-roll-up-reports-add-2019-08-02_4_17.png  Select which reports you’d like to be included in the Roll-Up report. There are various ways you can filter the reports shown in this list by using the filters above the report list:

Search Field: Allows you to search for reports by name. It is helpful to do this search and then use the filters listed below to pull in the results you need.

Check All: Clicking this box will select all reports.

Uncheck All: This will deselect all selected reports.

Toggle All: This will toggle between selecting or deselecting all reports.

Adhoc/Weekly/Monthly: This allows you to filter reports by schedule to show all reports, or perhaps only show monthly reports, for example.

4) External URL 

AwesomeScreenshot-tools-brightlocal-seo-tools-admin-lsrc-roll-up-reports-add-2019-08-02_4_17ioyhiuh.png Do you want this report to be available on external URL?: You can publish this report to an external URL (outside brightlocal.com). This makes it easy to share with clients and others who don't have a login to BrightLocal. Reports are published to an anonymous URL (localmarketingreports.com) and can be white-labeled with your existing white-label profile.

Learn more about white-labeling reports here.

5) Running/Saving report

Click the ‘Run Report’ button at the bottom of the page. The report will be saved to your account once completed.


6) After your report is set up 


Once the Roll-Up report has completed, there are several further actions you can take to make more use of the data. You can access these by clicking on the ‘Actions’ menu.

Edit Report Settings: This takes you to the report’s settings page where you can make any necessary updates.

View External Report: This opens the interactive report in a new tab of your internet browser, with all mention of BrightLocal removed, including in the URL. This is perfect for sharing with your clients and colleagues.

Download Summary:  Click this to download a spreadsheet of the entire data set of the report. This summary is in Excel (XLSX) format.

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