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What Addons are available on my plan?

Helen Barnes -


Different add-ons are available depending on which plan has been purchased. Within the Billing Details section of the dashboard click into the Addons section, and you will see those which are available specific to the plan you have purchased.

Addons are available for extra Rank Checker reports, daily reporting for Reputation Manager, extra Reputation Campaigns, extra Local Search Audit reports, extra Citation Tracker reports, extra Google My Business Audits, and more.

 Here is a step by step guide to purchasing addons: 

  1. Select ‘Billing Details’ from the dropdown menu as below
    Please note that this area of the dashboard is only available to users who have been set up as an ‘Account Owner’


 2)   Click on the ‘Available Addons’ tab to see all available addons for the plan purchased


 3)  Select the required addon and click ‘Add to Plan’. You will then be taken to the secure payment screen where the addon can be purchased either by credit card or through Paypal


 4)  Once the addon has been purchased it will show in the ‘Plans & Addons’ tab on the Billing Details page.  AwesomeScreenshot-lh3-googleusercontent-j2Z0n1eAllf4sK0PC6mwahtBex--G2kI4d7HaSuNQwD2DHLU8lClx1KBIV6vSGegz1KobKxCweQAk4TDHREOQlb1qHQtF9LJmkSt77ILiB-fsjXDPIRNGOWU1TbY0FQM39SRWgk--2019-08-06_11_09.png



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