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How can my clients reply to Facebook and Google reviews?

Usman Barki -


To allow your clients to reply to Facebook and Google reviews, three checks need to be in place:

  1. Facebook and Google profiles are connected to the Reputation Manager report
  2. Reputation Manager report is available on the external location dashboard
  3. Client Access is enabled for Reputation Manager for that location

1. How to check if Facebook and Google profiles are connected to a Reputation Manager report?

Head over to your Reputation Manager report and check if Facebook and Google connections are active. Facebook and Google logos will be grayed out if there is no connection. 

You and your clients will be able to respond to reviews for profiles that are connected.


Follow the instructions within the report on how to connect to Facebook and Google if the profiles are not already connected.

Your clients are not able to connect their Facebook and Google profiles to their Reputation Manager reports from within the external dashboard. This is only possible from within the BrightLocal platform.

2. Is Reputation Manager report available on external location dashboard?

Head over to your dashboard settings. Make sure location dashboard is available on an external URL and Reputation Manager reports are available on that external URL.


3. Is Client Access enabled for Reputation Manager?

While in dashboard settings, make sure Client Access is enabled and a password is set.


When your clients visit their Reputation Manager report on white-labelled location dashboard, they will see the option to reply to reviews next to their connected Facebook and Google profiles.


Clicking the ‘Respond’ button will reveal a popup asking your client to log in — if they aren’t already.


Once logged in, they will see a popup to type in their reply and then submit.


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