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Where can I find my billing details?

Helen Barnes -


To find your Billing Details follow these steps:

On the top right-hand side of the navigation bar, you'll see a user icon, click this to see the drop-down option for 'Billing Details'.


Plans & Addons

Under this section it will outline what plan you are on, the price, date started, last and next bill date, the status of the plan (trial, active, etc) and 'Actions' depending on the status. If your plan is not active the actions column will allow you to purchase a plan from here.

It also shows any 'Addons' you have active.

Available Addons

Here you will find all the Addons you can purchase for your plans, each outline the tools, number of credits/reports and price per month.



Under the payments is a list of all the payments you have made to BrightLocal. It outlines the Plan/Addon, amount and the date billed. This is a good section to see your entire billing history.AwesomeScreenshot-tools-brightlocal-seo-tools-admin-packages-2019-07-31_11_54.png

Payments Receipts 

If you are looking for PDF download of your payments per month, you can find this under the 'Payments Receipts' tab.


Click 'View' under actions and you'll see a receipt for that month which lists each payment. You can download the PDF by clicking the top right-hand button 'PDF'.


Card Details

Under the 'Card Details' tab, you can add or remove your card details to pay for BrightLocal. 


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