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How to find your leads and use the Agency Leads section

Helen Barnes -


 In this guide, we will show you how to find your leads within the platform, and how to understand the ‘Agency Leads’ section.

 Click the Agency Leads button in the top menu bar. If you have new leads, this will display a small green number icon to show how many new leads you have.

Agency Leads

In the ‘Agency Leads’ tab we show the total number of leads, as well as those that are new, contacted, archived and won.

We also show how many new leads were gained last month, this month, and the average number gained per month. 

Underneath this section is the ‘Leads per Month’ graph which shows the number of leads month on month. You can hover over the dots on the graph to see the number of leads. We store 1 year's worth of data here.

Under the graph, we show a list of all the leads with their contact name, email, date, phone number, and status. You can use the dropdown menu in the ‘Status’ column to mark the leads as either new, archived, won and contacted. 

 You can also filter, search and download the data in CSV format if needed.



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