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Do I need to claim Data Aggregator listings?

Helen Barnes -


You can claim your aggregator listings if you wish, however, if you have an active aggregator subscription with us, we would not recommend this. If these listings are claimed we will not be able to access and manage them for you.

Infogroup, Neustar, and Acxiom offer the option to claim the listing directly on their site. However, only the actual business owner can claim listings on aggregators as this process involves going through phone verification, where the aggregator support team will call up the business and will verify all details, including the business owner's identity.

Claiming listings on Acxiom and Infogroup is free, however, if you are planning to make frequent updates you will need to have a paid subscription with Neustar, which costs $79 per year.

On BrightLocal our data aggregators cost $60 when bundled together, which makes it a much better deal. In addition to this, you get unlimited updates for a whole year. All you need to do is email us with any necessary changes and our agents will handle this for you.

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