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What do I do if my payment fails?

Helen Barnes -


Firstly, don’t panic, we understand that sometimes payments can fail for a number of reasons.

We will always attempt to take payment a number of times before the monthly subscription is canceled, to give you the opportunity to address any issues.

If your credit card transaction has failed:

If you are an Admin on your BrightLocal account, you can check and update payment details in the ‘Billing Details’ section of your BrightLocal account. 


To save you some time you can update your card details here. (add link  https://tools.brightlocal.com/seo-tools/admin/packages#card-details)

 The most common issue is that the card has expired, so it’s worth checking the expiry date first. 


Once you’ve updated the payment details, please let us know by contacting support so we can reinstate your account for you. 

If the payment details are already accurate: 

If the payment details in your BrightLocal account are accurate and the card has not yet expired, it’s possible that the last transaction has been flagged as suspicious by your bank. 

Payments are taken by BrightLocal’s Head Office in Brighton, UK, so this can sometimes happen if you’re paying from a non-UK bank. 

If payment details are accurate and you’re paying from a non-UK bank, please contact your bank to confirm BrightLocal transactions as trustworthy and non-fraudulent. 

For PayPal payments: 

If your PayPal payment has failed or declined, please log in to your PayPal account and follow any error messages to rectify any issues. 

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