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How do I Assign Locations to a Client?

Helen Barnes -


If you haven’t yet set up your first Client, you can find out how to do so in this guide: How do I add or edit a client within BrightLocal?

To assign locations to a Client, follow these steps:

Click the ‘Clients’ tab from your ‘Clients & Locations’ dashboard. 

Click the arrow to the right of the green ‘View Locations’ button and select ‘Assign Location’. 

If you have already assigned one or more Locations to this Client, they will be listed under Assigned Locations. Any Locations that have not yet been assigned to this Client will be listed under Other Locations. 

Check the boxes in the ‘Assign’ column to select which Locations you would like to assign to this Client. 

You can search for specific locations by name, city, or ‘Unique Location Reference’. This is helpful if you have a large number of Locations. 

When you have finished selecting Locations, click the green ‘Assign Locations’ button at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

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